Sandisk 64gb OTG Flash Drive



Flash memory vendors are using decimal arithmetic:1MB = 1000KB,1G = 1000MB calculated, the operating system using binary arithmetic:1MB = 1024KB,
1GB = 1024MB;so there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory product

The memoria about real capacity

8gb = approximately 7.4gb-7.6gb

16GB = approximately 14GB -15GB

32GB = approximately 28GB -30GB

64GB = approximately 58GB -60GB

About Speed

1).Try to use USB3.0 port to test it, please don’t use any 2.0 equipments,sometime the 2.0 system can not test the real speed successful;

2).Do not Insert the pendrive with brute force and frequently,it is easy to damage the plug;do not pull the disk when access to data,or likely to cause data lose;try to pull it after disconnect disk.


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